Kiersty Ruby Hendrix

Read The Real Truth About This Woman


There are two faces to Kiersty Ruby Hendrix, (Ruby is her REAL birth name). Regardless if your interest in her is professional or personal, I am confident that you will find both of these reports about Kiersty Hendrix interesting.

Every claim and story in this report has been documented with photographs, bank records, and date and timed journal notes.

The case that will be presented to you here, will allow you to determine for yourself if Kiersty Hendrix can be trusted either personally or professionally.

First let’s look at Kiersty Ruby Hendrix through a “professional” lens.


I’m sure that that most employers would agree that they only want to hire someone that can be trusted with their organizations’ money, and other assets, and would expect that trust to be treated with the highest degree of professionalism and accountability.  Well, in her last professional role, Kiersty Ruby Hendrix proved that she could not be trusted.

Because Kiersty Hendrix was trusted, she was given Trustee signature status over company bank accounts. Sometimes, she would pay pre-approved bills and vendors for me.  Below is the document showing the date that she “helped herself to $10,000 of the company’s cash assets.  You can see below that on September 14, 2017, she walked into a local branch of Wells Fargo bank and withdrew $10,000.00 in cash. None of these funds were ever turned over to any officer of the company.



Kiersty Hendrix justified her theft of $10,000.00 from one of our company’s bank accounts because she had a personal relationship with the president of the company, as well as a business agreement with us.  The personal relationship was preceded by mutually signed and notarized document that listed all of the assets that each person brought into the personal relationship.  It states that if the relationship ended, than those assets listed and only those assets listed are to be taken by each person to the agreement.  There was no promise of any cash settlement.

Next, this picture shows that she entered our corporate vault and took the $1,160.00 of cash from the vault.  She took it all, even the bank envelope!



Before we discovered the theft, we wrote her a check for her last two weeks of her service to the company, believing that she would turn over all important documents that she was working on, as well as to return the company laptop computer, which was purchased on a company credit card, then assigned to her for company use, when she joined the firm. She never returned the computer nor did she complete any of her handoff work.  We have documented that we had to bring someone else in and rebuild all the files that she was working on when she left.

Next, the personal side of Kiersty Ruby Hendrix.


Kiersty Ruby Hendrix has had 6 marriages or marriage equivalents. With just one more she will tie Elizabeth Taylor for 7.  If you are considering dating her, ask yourself, do you really believe that you will be that one special guy that will make up for all of the stories of all of the other 6 failed marriages (or the equivalent), who came before you?  Well, read on and as you read, look at the evidence that is carefully documented for you.  As you read the documented history of Kiersty Hendrix, consider that according to the dated and time noted journal entries, which are written records of accounts of her relationships that she willing reported to me.  She needed to account for why there were so many past relationships.  But because the numbers and all of the stories came over time, my emotions where involved and I found myself wanting to believe them and her.

Now, she may try to excuse this history in two ways. 1st she may tell you that she just has a “bad picker.”  Actually, the six men that were lured into a committed relationship with her, and then dumped when her internal “fight-flight program” got triggered, (explanation coming) they would say that she has the rolls reversed.  The best odds are that all of these men would be the first to tell you that it is them that have the faulty “Picker,” for they made the mistake of picking her.

When you think about it, I’m confident that you will agree that having bonded with 6 men so far, that there must be something serious that needs to be understood about her.  Without exception, Kiersty Hendrix has, and most likely will continue to blame each and every one of her Ex-Mates. There is a clinical term for this, click here to see what the Huffington Post has to say about people who blame others for their personal failures. By the way, when you hear her tell her stories about each of these unlucky men, you would think that each one of them should have been shot!

Again, what you are about to read comes directly from dated journal notes over a several month period of time.

According to Kiersty Hendrix, her first marriage, was at age 18, and ended with a pregnancy and husband #1 kicking her out of the house and demanding that she get an abortion. Although she reported that she lost the child due to natural causes, she was forced to get a DNC at the county hospital because she had no money.  She begged him to get back with this young man, and he refused.  She reported to me, and stated this over and over again, “I promised myself that I would NEVER be hurt like that again.” Again, she reported this 3 times.  THIS is where she most likely developed the sub-personality that would “protect her” form ever being hurt again.  Before you feel sorry for Kiersty Hendrix, keep reading to see what she did to the next 5 men that had the misfortune to believe in this woman.

Notice that with only one exception, she refers to each mate by a nick name.

Husband #2 for Kiersty Ruby Hendrix, is, who she referred to as, “Preston’s Father.” Preston is her mid-20s son that she had with husband #2.  Kiersty however reported that her husband, which would be Preston’s father was gay. (These are her words).  She said that he was way more attracted to men than to her.  Yet, research shows and records prove that in addition to fathering a child with Kiersty Ruby Hendrix, that after she divorced him, he married another female and they have been successfully married for many years.  Maybe there was something else at work here. Perhaps Preston’s father just wasn’t that much into Kiersty Hendrix.  The point is that for Preston’s father, she has told this story about him, to anyone that would listen, for over 20 years!  Additionally, she did not omit his last name as was done here.  What’s interesting is that when she tells you the story, because you don’t know this man, there is a tendency to believe her.  She is very sweet, and very convincing.  If you are her next “Pretend-To-Be boyfriend,” she may even add in for you, as she did for this journalist, the twist where she was in the hospital, helpless and needing her husband, and he of course is off having sex with his gay lover.  Again, the reason that her story makes no common sense is that her, “gay husband,” fathered a child with her, and then married another woman.  Kiersty Hendrix also had several other very defaming things to say about Preston’s father.  This journalist found it interesting that now, after six (6) major significant relationships, she could not produce even one of these men that will even talk with her.


Son Preston actually deserves some attention here as one of the many men that have been treated less than fairly by Kiersty Ruby Hendrix.  Although they appear to have mended their differences, she reported to this journalist that when he was still a teenager, she kicked him out of the house and he became homeless.  He drifted for a long while.  While out of her home, he was arrested and convicted of a felony.  Kiersty Hendrix reported that she could do nothing to help her only son.  So, he had to use the Public Defender and was convicted and served his time.  After getting out of prison, Kiersty Hendrix was still not able or willing to help her son.  His life spiraled downward and he developed a heroin addiction.  He has since cleaned up his life and is living in Medford, Oregon, and is working in the trades.

Next comes Husband #3 “The Police Officer.”


According to Kiersty Hendrix, this was a marriage of convenience. Her son Preston was young and needed an active dad, and “The Police Officer” accepted the package, so they were married.  Not very long after her son Preston was out of the house, she made her move on, “The Police Officer,” and he soon found himself single.  Her report of exactly how it happened that he got the majority of the assets and she had to file for bankruptcy, were never made clear.  She did confirm however that they both had their own lawyers.

She may spin this story differently for you as she did for this reporter, but if do your own research, you will find that the truth of this event is a fact in the public record.  By the way, what was The Police Officer’s offense that cost him his marriage and his relationship with Preston?  She reported that she did not like the fact that after a long shift on duty that he wanted to sit and relax and watch TV.  She thought he should be in better shape and take better care of his health.  She is in excellent shape by the way, so, it appears that fact gives her the right to end relationships with those who do not take care of themselves the way that she thinks that they should.

After Kiersty Ruby Hendrix left the cop, and had to file bankruptcy, she was off to date former classmate Mark.  If you check the dates you will see that the fact is that she has a history of not taking long between relationships.

Now, according to my journal notes, Mark was the only one that she actually referred to by his name. Probably because he died and it somehow elevated him to a higher status than just another divorcee. It was inconvenient for Kiersty Hendrix that he died however, because she reported that she was about to dump him too, (she didn’t like the fact that he did not take good care of his teeth), and she waited too long and he got cancer. She couldn’t leave him then, she reported, “I mean, after all, how would it look to my friends and family for me to leave a man who is dying of cancer?”  I rechecked my journal notes to be sure that she was not kidding when she said this, but nowhere did I find any reference to levity.  So she stayed to the end for Mark.  Perhaps that is why the next two “rings exchanged” relationships were ended by her after staying with each of her new “until death do us part, partners,” only a just a few months for each man.


So, here is the story of husband number 5.

Kiersty Ruby Hendrix reported that she was swept off her feet by who she referred to only as, “The Body Builder Guy.” He was a manager at one of the large retail stores in Frisco, Texas. He had an 8 year old daughter. He also had an ex-wife that was somehow still in the picture.  Now, mind you, what you are reading now are stories reported to me (Mate number 6), during our courtship.  We will get to me soon, I am next and last on the list, or should I say, that I am last at least for now.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that Kiersty Hendrix will be in yet another “committed relationship” with yet another caring guy who buys her act that is all wrapped up in a pretty little bow, with hand drawn hearts, that by the way comes with an adorable little dog named Shasta.  This sounds like it could be a movie plot, doesn’t it?

Her story is that he wanted to wait until they were married before having sex. So, they were married, and according to her, their wedding night came and went and still no sex. So, she assumes that she now had ANOTHER gay husband. But then, like all of her stories of the past men in her life, her stories gain speed and volume as she moves through them, becoming more dramatic with each turn.  She also reported to me that she suspected him of having inappropriate contact with his daughter. When I pressed her for proof, she brushed it off by saying, “Well you would have had to be there to see what I saw.” She would not elaborate.

Now, here is some reading for you.  Are you ready for this one?  According to my notes, Kiersty Ruby Hendrix told me, “The child’s mother is a porn star!”  Her evidence?  None!  Just more, “Well you would have had to be there to see what I saw.”  But she said that she was sure of it and that should be good enough for me too!  Then, to make the story even better, Kiersty Hendrix found out that her newest husband is a gay porn star.  Now that one I could not just accept without some serious proof!  Here is the story that she told me.  She said that he not only took really good care of his body, he was also using eye cream.  “Using eye cream?” I said.  Yes, the man used eye cream to help to prevent droopy eyes as you age.  Apparently that is also a sign of being a gay porn star!  Oh but wait, the story gets better.  She also reported that one night he came home from a workout and he had some scratches on him that looked just like finger nail scratches.  So she accused him of having sex with a man!  He said, “Please leave me alone, I have had a long day.”  Kiersty Hendrix apparently has the keen ability to tell the difference between male and female finger nail scratches from several feet away.

So, after just a few months of marriage, she divorced him too.  By the way, Kiersty Hendrix was also the perfect Girl Scout mom to the little 8 year old daughter of The Bodybuilder Guy.  That is until she dumped the little girl’s dad.  When she left, she never spoke to the little girl, ever again.  Until you dig down deep, which most people rarely ever do, you would never believe that Kiersty Hendrix would ever do such a thing, but it’s true, she told me herself. I was present with her in her apartment in Denton, TX when she got a call from one of the other Girl Scout mothers trying to get Kiersty to come and say goodbye to the little girl.  Kiersty said, “I think it’s best if we just cut ties now. Please tell her that it’s not personal.”

So, now it’s my turn!

Please keep in mind as you read what comes next that even though I was involved personally, as a professional writer, I have keep detailed daily journal notes of our entire relationship. What you are about to read are facts that have been documented.

Kiersty Ruby Hendrix had just left The Bodybuilder Guy and she was not even moved into her new apartment when she reached out to me on with, “Hi Handsome,” and we were off to the races. I was attracted to her because she is easy to like.  She has very good people skills.


We had our first date on February 9th, 2016 and one year to that date, we had a “Personal Commitment Ceremony” on the South Beach of Maui, Hawaii.  It was not a legal marriage as neither of us wanted that, but everything else was there and it was very special.

As much as I was emotionally transformed that day, I should have never gone through with it. There were 4 major negative events that should have taught me that from time to time, she is not stable.  I will explain. Kiersty Hendrix has a way about her that makes her easy to love. Her bonding skills are the best that I have ever seen.

She wanted to become part of my business, and I wanted that too, so that we could spend as much time together as possible.  I took her along with me on a business event trip to Barcelona, Spain. I went all out, flying us first class, renting a nice condo on the park to stay in, and paying for world class side trips to Paris, France, and Rome, Italy. Because of what I do, we turned each of those trips into business because everyone needs what I sell.

If you have seen the movie “The Run Away Bride” with Julia Roberts, you will start understand and recognize the pattern that is Kiersty Ruby Hendrix.  Again, remember that each one of these events is documented in my daily journals and there are also eye witnesses who have since given me written testimony!


Because I knew that someday Kiersty’s getting to go to Paris France was one of her lifelong dreams, I wanted to make that happen for her.  So as soon as we got settled in Barcelona, we took a side trip to Paris.  Again, I spared no expense and booked us into a 4 star bed and breakfast. It was amazing!  She said, “This exceeds my wildest dreams!”

Kiersty Hendrix and I flew back to Barcelona because I had to speak to our group.  The trips to and from European countries are easy, it’s almost like flying from state to state in the USA.

After my speech in Barcelona, we were invited to have dinner with some business associates of mine. During dinner, we were seated next to my friends Jeanne and Leon. They are both in their mid and late 60s. Jeanne is the one that I do business with, but I have known her husband Leon for a long time.   Close to the time that we were going to leave, Jeanne said something about me that was really sweet and I said, “You know Jeanne, you are just the sweetest person that has ever taken a breath.  I meant every word of it, because she is!

Kiersty Ruby Hendrix, was sitting next to me and I could feel her energy shift.  I looked at her and I saw something that I had never seen before.  I can only describe it as a “glass wall” that she had raised. I had a bad feeling, so, I called the waiter over, asked for our check, I paid it and we left.

When we got out side, I asked her what was wrong.  She said, “What you told Jeanne, you told me that I was the only person that you had ever said that to.”  I quickly realized that I was about to be in a fight that was not going to have a good outcome.

The Barcelona Festival had just let out, and the streets of Barcelona were packed with people.  We were walking slowly toward the subway station, and I am trying to talk to Kiersty, and all of a sudden she bolts down the sidewalk toward the subway.  She might be little but she is fast!  Kiersty was darting between people left, and right, and left again.  Now I find myself chasing after her, running down the sidewalk in one of the largest Spanish speaking cities in the world, and by the way, they expect you to speak Spanish too.

She is about a ½ of block ahead of me.  She is not responding to my pleas for her to stop. I watch her as she crosses the intersection and then, the light turns red.  There is a cop standing right in front of me, looking at me as if to say, “Go for it, I dare you!”  I did not.  I kept yelling for her to please stop! Nothing.  Then, my heart sank because I lost sight of her in this sea of Spanish speaking people.

We had an agreement that if we ever got lost from each other, we were to go the closest place where we were supposed to meet, and just wait there.  I was only 300 feet from the subway station.  So I waited there. I waited there for over 2 hours and I realized that she was gone and was not coming back. So, I tried to get a cab.  It took another hour to get a cab.  It seemed like everyone was trying to get a cab.  I finally got back to the condo, and no Kiersty. I was frantic!  My stomach was in knots!  We had only activated my cell phone because of the cost.  She had a company laptop with her with wireless connection.  I called my friends which she also knew.  One of them had heard from her. Kiersty had gotten on the wrong train and went to the far north end of Barcelona.  She was almost 3 hours in the wrong direction!  Again, it is now 3:10 AM, and she is a 5 foot tall, 87 pound female that does not speak Spanish. The hours pass, and still no word.

The sun was just coming up and I could see the park outside of our apartment.  I am still sick to my stomach.  All of this over an innocent compliment paid to a 65 year old woman, with her husband present.  I don’t speak the language.  I have no one to call.  Then, all of a sudden, just as the sun shines through the window, I hear a knock on the door of the condo.  Guess who?

As time, (and this report) will reveal, here is the formula that she experiences and expresses every time one of these episodes occurs.  Each time (a total of 5 to date with me, and by the way, our LAST time), there is a “Female or sex Component.” It’s called the “Trigger.” Then, comes the “Thought” which is where she adds in her “Meaning, or Value” to that experience.  Finally comes the “Action = RUN!”  Each of the events that I have experienced with her have all been different unique Triggers, involving different females, however each of the other two steps in this pattern are exactly the same.

What I learned later was that she had hours of time to think and to compare her “Trigger” (my compliment to Jeanne), and Kiersty’s “Thought/Value/Meaning” frame with the behavior of Kiersty Ruby Hendrix.  She had involved several people in my company in this travesty of a sideshow that she put on for all to see.  All of us were worried sick about her for many hours.  So she apologized and asked for a “Do Over.”  Which, like a fool, I granted.

This type of event, all very similar in design, happened four more times, with the 5th one being our last one.  By the way, when I say, “Our LAST one”, I really do mean, OUR LAST ONE!” Each time there as a “Female or sexual Component.” Again, it’s called the “Trigger.” Then, comes “Thought” which is where she adds “Meaning, and/or Value” to the “Trigger.” Then comes, “Action,” which has always been the same, and that is Kiersty Hendrix will always run!  That is unless there is nowhere to run as in the next documented history of Kiersty.

Number 2, happened aboard another 1st class flight, this time to Quito, Ecuador, South America, where she got into an altercation with a Flight Attendant who, because of Kiersty’s behavior, the Flight Attendant felt threated and reached for her distress signal.


I have flown a great deal, and I knew that if that Flight Attendant did signal for help, a Federal Air Marshal would arrest whomever is causing the trouble. The Federal Air Marshals always take the side of the Flight Attendant, every time!  I knew that if I would have not stepped in, Kiersty Ruby Hendrix would likely have been introduced to a jail in Quito Ecuador, which was our destination city.

Instead, I forgave her one more time, and we had a very nice trip to Ecuador. Then again, there were no Flight Attendants or old women hitting on me for the rest of this trip.


The next time (#3) was in my backyard.  It happened over a text from a woman who managed a department of my business.  Kiersty Ruby Hendrix demanded for me to show her a picture of this woman.  Once again, Kiersty became out of control, she demanded to know what was going on between me and this woman.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. I was totally in love with Kiersty Hendrix and no one could compete with that.  However, it took me two hours to convince her.  I was getting worried about this pattern that kept showing up.


The 4th time was at one of the most beautiful places on earth, Boquete, Panama. It is so nice. The temperature averages about 72 to 78 degrees year around.


We had done all the events, the sites, and watched rainbows every day. Across the street from our condo, was a nice little bed and breakfast that also offered a late afternoon/early evening wine and cheese event, even to none guests.  So we went over to enjoy the sun setting over the mountains, and sip some wine.  The weather was amazing.  The sun was shining on the red coffee bean plants below us.  Now, remember the formula. (Sexual or female Trigger) Then, (Thought-Meaning-Value) Also with Kiersty Hendrix, there is a physical “Tell” it is that cold look and no feelings, then, (Action = RUN!)

The waitress was a sweet young lady about 25 years old. She didn’t speak much English, and I was working on my Spanish, and so we chatted a little bit, maybe 5 or 6 minutes. After the first event in Barcelona, Spain, whenever I found myself talking with a woman of any age, I was always careful to position myself with the new female between Kiersty and me.  After chatting with our waitress for just a few minutes, I looked up at Kiersty, I saw, “That Look!” That cold, glass wall stare.  Fear shot though my body, my brain went into overload. I just knew what was coming.  She was already fussing with her purse, and her body language was leaning as if she was about to run.  So, I pushed my untouched wine forward. I looked at Kiersty Hendrix and said, “You stay where you are, enjoy the rest of your wine, I will save you the effort of taking off and me the trouble of trying to find what’s left of a little white woman body who weighs 87 pounds. This after all is a 3rd world country.  THIS IS NOT SPAIN!”

I excused myself, stopped at the front desk, and asked the same young lady, “how much is our bill?”  She was so sweet, she was afraid that something was wrong with her service or the wine.  I assured her that she, the wine, and the service were all fine.  So, I paid the bill and gave her a nice tip.  I went back across the street, got my jacket, and took the rental car and drove down to the festival by myself.  I stayed for several hours and had a good time.


The next morning Kiersty acted like nothing had happened and she wanted to know if I wanted to go back over to the same place where we went for wine and cheese, and eat breakfast. I said, “No thanks, I don’t like to fly on a full stomach.”  She wanted to know what I meant and I told her that I was sick and tired of taking her on 1st class world adventure trips and being treated like a high school kid on a prom night date with a jealous girlfriend who comes back from the bathroom and sees me talking with the girl that sits across from me in science class, and throws a jealous fit and storms out of the room.  For God’s sakes Kiersty, you are in your mid-50s, it’s time for you to grow up!”  I was pissed!  Like the other times, I had just spent thousands of dollars to take her on a world class trip and here she was pulling this same crap again!

She apologized, over and over, and again asked for my forgiveness, and again, asked me for another “DO-OVER.”  By the way, that makes a total of 4 DO-OVERS.  My weakness was that I was in love with this person, well, at least with ONE of her personalities.  I really thought that she was in love with me too.  What I mean is the kind of love that you keep working on through whatever goes wrong.  You make it work!  You take a vow, and you stay with him or her, and you make it work!  It’s sad because when she is in her Sane Brain, she wants that too.  The issue is that her insane brain comes along and that Sub-Personality takes over and who she used to be goes way in the back of the bus and she is not in control.

So, I hung in there. If I would have known what I know now, I would have saved the money, at least for her share of the world class trips and kept looking for my true life’s mate. But a year came and went and so we headed off, 1st class to Maui, Hawaii.


Again, I rented us a nice condo, with a view of the beach.  On February 9th, on a private beach just down from the Grand Wahla Hotel, we experienced what I hoped, and prayed would be something that she really meant this time.  We promised a lifetime of commitment.  Well, it lasted 7 months.

Wait until you hear this story.  Spoiler alert, it’s going to make you shake your head and say, “You have got to be kidding!” Again, watch for her same pattern.

On September 13th, 2017 she said that she was not feeling well and we need some things from the store, so I went to do the shopping.  When I got back, with bags in my hands, the first thing I noticed is that the dog is gone.  I call for Kiersty, no answer. I set the bags down, and walked through the house calling her name but, no answer.  Then, I came to the hallway and I found the attic stairs down and the attic light still on.  Now, I am worried!  My mind is thinking, “What the hell is going on,” and then I see it. We had a system of leaving a sticky note at an angle on the corner of the counter top so it would stand out.  There was a note that said, “Steven, I care about you, get some help!”

I am lost to what this means so I called her on her cell phone.  She claimed that a computer backup system backed up some of my files onto her computer.  She claimed that it was porn. I said, “Wait, so, show me the files.”  She said, “No, I erased it, because it was really bad porn.”  I said, “Wait a minute, you cannot accuse me or anyone else of something, and then not show me any evidence.  I am not one of those ‘other guys’ that you expected me to believe these cockamamie stories that you made up so you could run away from them and be safe and not get your heart broken again.  I am the guy who has been through hell and back with four other events like this with you, and here you go again!”

Now, again, remember the formula. (Sexual or female Trigger) Then, (Thought-Meaning-Value) Also with Kiersty Hendrix, there is a physical “Tell” it is that cold look and no feelings, then, (Action = RUN!)

She went to stay with a friend.  When she would talk with me, she was cold as ice.  Each time we talked, all she wanted to talk about was the porn.  Each time, it got worst.  I tried to reason with her. Nothing!  She would not listen to reason. She was completely out of control.

She tried to sell me on the idea of her moving back to Denton, and going back to work for the State, and then we could date and work through this.  I said, “We have already done the dating.  This is where we work things out, but it takes two of us to make it work.  She said that she just could not live with me after what she had seen.  I asked one last time, SHOW ME WHAT YOU THINK IS SO BAD!  She said, again, that she had erased from her machine.  In pure desperation I said, “Kiersty Ruby Hendrix, I have had it with you!  This is another nightmare!”

So, on September 18, 2017 she came to get more of her things.  Because I truly cared about Kiersty, I wanted to see if I could help to save our relationship.  She had finally manufactured a Trigger that I could not dismiss or dismantle as I had done with the other 4.  She had painted me in a corner and there was no way for me to dismiss her reason for running away. I thought that I would try one more time.

On September 25, 2017 when she came to move out, I sat her down and I said, “With all that we have done with and for each other, with all the times that I have given you 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances and “DO-OVERS,” don’t I get just one DO-OVER?”  Do you know what she said to me?  She said, “NO!” It was at THAT moment that I realized that I had partnered with the wrong person.  She was an illusion of who I thought that she was, no real staying power.  If there is any good news here, it is that at least she didn’t accuse me of being gay also!

So, these are the facts. Not as I see them, but as she reported them to me, and as she and I experienced them and I recorded it all in my journals.  So, now, you make up your own mind if you want to hire or even get close to Kiersty Ruby Hendrix.